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How do you reconcile career and family? How do you manage to stay at the top of the world for as long as you do? What makes a successful team and how do you stay focused on the goal after a setback? Nicola Spirig knows the answers to all these questions, showing parallels between top-class sport and the business world, as well as private life. She inspires charmingly and humorously as a keynote speaker.

The mother, lawyer and triathlete gives insights into her career as a top athlete, reports on compromises and balancing acts, and talks about passion, discipline and small and big goals.

In recent years, Nicola Spirig has appeared on numerous stages and lectured in German or English to several hundred people. How do you set yourself small but also big goals every day, how do you set the focus right, how can you deal with setbacks and how do you manage to motivate yourself again and again during such a long time? In her presentations, Nicola Spirig also talks about the importance of a team behind success and how work, sport and a private life can be combined.

Nicola Spirig spoke here:

  • ETH Zürich
  • UBS
  • Straumann
  • Mobiliar
  • Stada
  • Swiss CFO Day
  • Swiss
  • Trivarga
  • Rieter AG
  • LIZ-Forum
  • Swiss Re
  • Vorwerk
  • Securiton
  • Raiffeisen
  • Swiss E-Mobility Group
  • Kardiologen-Kongress
  • Sanitas-Trösch
  • Unispital Basel
  • Firma Zucchetti
  • Fortinet
  • RVK
  • Firma T+R AG

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